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Covid-19 Prevention

Preventive Measures

Measures to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2a coronavirus

In our accommodation, the security measures established by the Ministry of Health and Health Authorities have been taken. It is mandatory that the user accepts the security measures implemented in this establishment.


  1. Disinfection has been carried out for Legionella and Covid19, carried out by an authorized company.
  2. Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioners
  3. Between exit and entrance, the interior of the house will be misted with a product authorized for this purpose.
  4. The sun loungers, showers, and edge of the pool will be cleaned and disinfected daily outside.
  5. The deckchairs have been placed keeping the required distance.
  6. A salt chlorinator has been installed to improve chlorination of the pool.
  7. Decoration has been minimized (Removal of curtains, net curtains, cushions ... tourist information).
  8. Hand sanitizing gel is provided in bathrooms, kitchen and pool. As well as a surface cleaner.
  9. All bedding including pillows will be sent to the laundry.


  1. Upon arrival we will proceed to take the temperature.
  2. They must give their consent that in the event of infection and their quarantine be decreed by Health, they undertake to leave the house and spend it at home. This is because there are new entries.
  3. Pool towels will be provided by customers.
  4. Clients agree to follow the preventive measures recommended by Health.
  5. Upon leaving customers will deposit sheets and towels in bags for later shipment to the laundry.


Certification of Protocols against COVID-19

  1. Certification 1ª Part
  2. Certification 2ª Part
  3. Certification 3ª Part


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