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Montefrío is a municipality located to the north of Loja within the province of Granada and the autonomous community of Andalusia. It is bordered by the municipalities of Íllora, Villanueva Mesía, Loja and Algarinejo; with the towns of Cordoba, Priego de Córdoba and Almedinilla; and with Jaén

The municipality of Montefrio is made up of the settlements of Montefrio which is located between two mines and two ravines with their respective streams. It is located in the foothills of the Sierra de Parapanda.

Montefrío was declared a National Historic-Artistic Complex in 1982. In October 2015, it was considered by the prestigious National Geographic magazine as one of the towns with the 10 best views in the world

How to get to Montefrio from Granada


The municipality occupies 253,92 km2 and has a density of 21.55 hab./km². Its geographical coordinates are 37 ° 19 'N, 04 ° 01' W. It is located at an altitude of 834 metres above sea level and 50 km from the provincial capital, Granada.

Montefrio: For the five senses


The municipality has both a separate village Lojilla. This small nucleus is located about 5 miles from the town. It is accessed by the road between Montefrío and Alcalá la Real, from the junction located in Venta del Conejo. Its altitude is 994 metres and its terrain has an inclination of 20.89%. Its population is 79 inhabitants.

It celebrates its festivities on January 20 in honour of its patron saint, San Sebastián, and on July 25, the feast of Santiago. The festivities of San Sebastián are worth mentioning.

The surprising thing about this festival is that several locals walk through the streets of the village dressed in colourful costumes with bells and hats with ribbons.


The municipality is bathed by four main streams:

  • Arroyo de Turca, which rises on the Gachas y Marcos hill and drains into the Algarinejo area.
  • Arroyo de Milanos, with its source in Montesanto, runs through the terrain of Loja and flows into the Genil at Huétor Tájar.
  • Arroyo de los Pinares, which its source in the Fuente Dorada and flows into the Genil through the terrain of Villanueva Mesía.
  • Arroyo de los Molinos, which irrigates the western slope of the Sierra de Parapanda and joins the Tocón stream to flow into the Genil in the municipality of Íllora.


The climate of Montefrío is Mediterranean with continental features. Wet with cool winters (6.2 ºC on average in January) and hot, dry summers (with average temperatures of 25 ºC in July and August). Spring and Autumn have little rainfall and the temperature is relatively fresh:


The gastronomy of Montefrío has an impressive range of traditional recipes, with dishes such us kid with garlic, el relleno de carnaval, brains al mojeteo, casseroles, omelettes with asparagus and ‘collejas’, ‘el remojon’ (a tomato and roasted pepper salad, with orange, onion, eggs and tuna), and ‘hornazos’, not forgetting game specialties, cooked meats and pastries, scones with butter, oil and raisins, bagels, local bread, ‘borrachuelos’, ‘cuajaos’ and fritters.

  • Remojón (de San Marcos).
  • Gazpacho de espárragos.
  • Sesos al mojeteo.
  • Gazpachuelo.
  • Papas Ajilimili (o en Miguilla).
  • Arroz arriero.
  • Migas con chicharrones.
  • Ropa vieja.
  • Gachas de mosto.
  • Roscos de Montefrío.

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